Seminole Nation Y Indian Princess Event Rules

Due to the nature of our program some events The Seminole Nation (the Nation) and its members participate in have some minor degree of potential safety hazards (i.e. camp fires, swimming lakes etc.). The safety of our members is important to the Seminole Nation and its Officers. The following rules must be followed during all Nation events. Each Tribe should conduct a safety meeting to discuss the following rules at the beginning of every campout or event with all their members, fathers and children alike.

  1. Fathers responsibility
    1. First and foremost this is a father - daughter program, as such we expect the Dads to police themselves and children accordingly.
    2. Basic First Aid Kits are mandatory for each tribe at any event. The Nation will also carry a first aid kit during our Spring and Fall campout events.
  2. Camp Fires
    1. Children should never be left unattended by either a tribal campfire or Nation Bonfire.
    2. An extinguishing means should be available within eye distance from a campfire. This can either be a running water source, an up to date fire extinguisher, or as a last resort at least two full five gallon buckets of water.
    3. Teach members not to throw any objects in a camp fire, this includes (but not limited to) sticks, paper, leaves, Spanish moss, camping chairs, bottles, cans, glow sticks, etc. Of course this excludes the need to use wood or paper to start the fire or keep fire from extinguishing.
    4. Teach girls that “the fire must stay in the fire” do not let them light sticks or other items and remove from fire.
    5. Remember to explain to your children that even if there is no visible flames, that the camp fire pit may still have hot ambers that are not always visible, especially during the day
  3. Campsite Cooking
    1. All Propane tanks must be kept upright during use, this can be done by utilizing a stand designed for the use or some type of container that will not tip easily and hold the tank upright. Grocery store milk crates are a good example. Many fires are caused by tipping propane tanks according to fire officials.
    2. All children should be kept away from cooking areas.
    3. An up to date fire extinguisher should be readily available within ten feet of cooking area. A water hose in not acceptable for this purpose, grease fires cannot be extinguished by water.
    4. Cooking area should never be unattended during use of any portable cooking appliances.
  4. Water Sports
    1. Many venues we as a Nation visit have some sort of body of water. Some have actual swimming lakes and swimming is encouraged. The Nation does supply a sufficient number of licensed life guards for these events, but we still ask our fathers to watch their child while swimming
    2. Many venues are not designated as a “swimming venue”, therefore no lifeguards are hired by either the Nation or the venue. They are therefore swimming at their own risk. Again we ask our fathers to accompany their child while swimming if they choose while attending these events. If you are unsure if an event is a “swimming event” please contact one of your Nation Officers.
    3. Canoes & Kayaks are available to use or rent at some events (both swimming and non-swimming), all members must be wearing a life jacket at all times while on a canoes or kayaks.  Parental supervision is required during the use. In addition each venue will have their own posted rules regarding the use of their equipment.
    4. Water Rides, are also available at some venues (i.e. water trampolines, slides, etc.) licensed lifeguards will be hired for these types of activities. Parental supervision is also required. These type of activities do have some degree of hazard, and are therefore are used at the users own risk.
    5. Swimming pools are available at some venues, but no lifeguards are supplied. All children must be accompanied by their fathers while swimming in these “at your own Risk” facilities.
  5. Land Activities
    1. Some venues offer Arial Rides, (i.e. zip lines, rock walls, Towers, etc.). These units are maintained and inspected by the proper authorities and are run by trained staff members of the venue. Parental guidance is required while your child is partaking in these activities.
    2. Horseback riding, is another activity sometimes offered during our events. Daughters must be accompanied by their dad to go on a horse guided tour, no exceptions! Helmets must be worn and all other safety rules established by the venue must be obeyed.
    3. Manual and electric Scooters and bicycles riders under 16 must wear helmets per Florida State law (Fl statute 316.2065) (Fl statute 316.211[3][A])
    4. At Nation sanctioned events, golf carts, whether rented or privately owned, can only be driven by a valid driver’s license holder who is over 18 years.
  6. Restricted
    1. Fireworks are forbidden, with the exception of the Nation’s North, South, East, and West mortars as part of the fire circle ceremony. These “N, S, E, and W” fireworks are lit over 200 feet from the group exceeding the National Fire Protection Association’s requirements.
    2. “Chinese Flying Paper Lanterns” are not permitted. Most venues are too wooded, and this creates a fire risk.
    3. Firearms are not permitted onsite, unless concealed and stored and locked in accordance with Florida State law, owner must possess the proper State issued concealment permits. Firearms should never be taken out of concealment for any reason unless the venue offers a sanctioned firearm range.
    4. Pellet guns, slingshots, airsoft guns, bow and arrows, etc. shall not be permitted, unless used in an authorized location designed for that use.
    5. Cars parked in our campsite pose a danger and an eyesore for all of us camping together. When a venue has a designated parking are please be courteous and use it. 
    6. No capturing wildlife T*m and R**n.