Welcome To Seminole Nation Indian Princess Program


What is the Native Sons & Daughters® Seminole Nation Father-Daughter ProgramSM?

The Native Sons & Daughters® Seminole Nation Father-Daughter ProgramSM is for fathers that want quality, planned, one-on-one time with their daughter. The program is open to every Dad with a child from Kindergarten through 8th grade (high schoolers welcome to stay in the program). Participation in activities for the father and daughter is a vital part of the Seminole Nation Father-Daughter ProgramSM. Fathers and daughters share in events, games, crafts, outings, and camp outs. The father observes their daughter’s relationships in the group; see’s the daughter’s strengths and needs, which creates a basis for helping their daughter to grow. Likewise, the daughter observes their father interacting with other dads and daughters. This provides the girls with an important role model.

What is the goal of the program?

The program is designed to build and strengthen the father/daughter relationship by providing intentional opportunities for a pair to create lifelong memories together.

What are the age groups?

Seminole Nation Indian Princess begins at about Kindergarten and continues to about 13 years old. Some daughters finish the program a little earlier and some a little later.  A strong bond is developed between the girls of similar ages and among fathers too.

Can you mix age groups?

We suggest that a strong tribe consists of all age eligible groups. Older girls have an opportunity to mentor younger girls in their tribe.

What if I don’t have a tribe yet?

If you are looking for a tribe, the Nation Officers from Seminole Nation Father-Daughter ProgramSM will help you to join a tribe. Every tribe is a little different age mix and we'll want to match you with a tribe that will allow your daughter to get the most out of the program.  Ideal tribe sizes have about 15 fathers with 15+ daughters with a mix of all ages 5-13.  

When do we join the program?

If you are not attending an event as a guest of a member, you must have joined the program before attending an event.  

You may join anytime by completing the Join Indian Princess form on the About Program or Contact menu above.  Once you've submitted the request to join a Seminole Nation officer will ask a tribe chief to invite you to a tribal meeting.  At the Tribal Meeting you and your daughter(s) will meet the other dads and daughters in the tribe, and typically build a craft and have snacks.  Nation Event (see Princess Calendar) registration is only open during a window of time leading up to the event day.

Annual Program Registration: Most Nation events require that your Annual Registration be in effect and not expired. On the Event registration page you will be promtped to renew your annual membership if it will expire before the event you're registering for.  Annual registration is not collected or offered outside of the Nation Event registration process.

When do we register for the program?

The annual Program Registration officially begins when you sign-up for your first Seminole Nation sponsored event and are only processed during the event's sign-up.  You will be required to complete the annual Program Registration online before completing the events own online registration process.  Completed Program Registrations are valid for one year.  The nation's event registration system will automatically check for a valid annual Program Registration and ask that you renew only if your current Program Registration will expire before the event date.  Annual memberships are valid through Jul 31st of each year. Any questions on registration can be directed to the Seminole Nation Father-Daughter ProgramSM Nation Chief via email here.

How much are program fees?

Program Registration fees are not based on how many children you have in the program. The fee is a per family fee. The fee covers your program eligibility through July 31st of each year. Inidvidual events also require registration and carry event specific fees.  See the above question for additional details.

Costs: $45 per family, annually

Additional Program Costs:  The Seminole Nation Father-Daughter ProgramSM holds nation sponsored events throughout the year.  Our major Fall and Spring Overnight Camp Outs typically run $100-140 per person. Other shorter Nation events – run about $5 to $140.  (Nation sponsored events require a family to have a current annual program registration. You'll be promted to renew it during event registration if it will expire before the event's date.) 

What do the father and daughter do in the program?

The Seminole Nation Father-Daughter ProgramSM is ACTION-ORIENTED! Fathers and their daughters form tribes that contain anywhere from 10-15 fathers with their 1-3 daughters each. The tribe members selects one father as tribal chief, along with other various tribal positions delegated to the fathers. Typical volunteer tribal positions are Tribe Chief, Tribe Medicine Man, Tribe Wampum Bearer and Tribal Property Keeper. Throughout the year tribes will attend their own tribal events plus attend Native Sons & Daughters® Seminole Nation Father-Daughter ProgramSM sponsored events.

The major Nation sponsored Spring and Fall Camp outs will include the Induction and Breaking Arrow Ceremonies. At your daughter's first spring or fall camp out she will be individually honored by both current and past program Nation officers who will welcome them into the program. Additionally, girls reaching their mid-teens who are ready to leave the program will participate in the Breaking Arrow ceremony.  During this ceremony there isn't a dry eye in the audience...but luckily the daughters are there to console their dads.

How often do Tribes meet?

It is suggested that tribes meet twice a month for about an hour. We recommend one formal meeting that can be held at a tribe member’s home or community center of their choosing. The other meeting can be a fun outing in the community such as hiking, fishing, or going to an event together.  For ideas see Tribal Ideals under the main menu above.

How is this different from Boy/Girl Scouts?

The Seminole Nation Father-Daughter ProgramSM is designed to be a father and daughter relationship building program. The Scouts program focus on kids having fun with other kids while the parent’s main role is with facilitating and safety.

What are the benefits of participating in the Seminole Nation Father-Daughter ProgramSM?

The program provides the following benefits to both father and daughter:

  • Foster companionship, understanding and set a foundation for positive, lifelong relationships between father and daughter
  • Build a sense of self-esteem and personal worth
  • Expand awareness of body, mind, and spirit
  • Provide a framework to meet a mutual need of spending enjoyable, constructive, and quality time together
  • Enhance the quality of family time
  • Emphasize the vital role that parents play in the growth and development of their daughters
  • Offer an important and unique opportunity to develop and enjoy volunteer leadership skills
  • Opportunity to meet other families with daughters of similar age