Important: Prior month's tally is due by 15th of each month.
Late tally points do not count towards Tribe of the Year.

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Tribal Roster Template (Excel)

Activity Points
# Of Families in Tribe
1pts per Family; 15 max Points
(Only points are limited, Your tribe size is not limited)
Tribal Meeting or Tribal Outing
(not overnight)
10pts per Outing or Meeting
(not per head or Family; 25% attendance required and must be dads and daughters in attendace)
Tribal Overnight Outing
(must describe with comments, cannot be a nation event)
50pts per Overnight Outing
(not per head or Family; 40% attendance required)
# of Families Attending a Nation Event
1pt per Family; 30 Max
(Only points are limited, Not tribal attendance)
Your Tribe Sponsors a Nation Event
(Cloverleaf, Pool Party, Grand Prix, Circle F)
15pts per Nation Event Sponsored
Tribal Member Attendance at Longhouse Meeting
10pts for 1 dad; or 15pts max for 2+ dads; -15pts for no dads
Community Service by Tribe
(must describe in comments)
30 pts per Community Service Event
New Family Joins Your Tribe
Must list dad's name in monthly tally report
10pts per Family
(min. 2 new families required annually or -10 each)
Formally Present Indian Princess Program at a non-Nation Sponsored Event
(e.g. a PTA meeting, table or booth at a non-PTA school event, booth at a city event, etc.)
10pts per Sponsored Event
Your Tribe Sponsors A Brand New Tribe
(must be pre-approved by Nation Chief & Medicine Man)
50pts per New Tribe
(Must be done by a tribe, not Nation officers)
Refer a new family to another tribe
(not your own tribe)
10pts per new family that joins another tribe
(Must be done by a tribal Mamber, not Nation officers)
Submit a Quarterly Roster
Roster MUST be emailed to Nation Tally Keeper at Tlinx@aol.com
25pts per Quarter (Mandatory)
Maintain Tribal Web Site
10pts per Quarter
(requires quarterly Website updates)
# of Longhouse Chiefs
25pts per Year (Max 25 pts)
# of Nation Officers
25pts per year/ per person (Max 50 pts for all heads)
Win Coup Stick
25pts per win; 50pts max per year
# of Pinewood Derby Participant
No point value
Build and enter a Coral Springs Parade float
(1 float per tribe max. Points may be shared with assisting tribe(s)
Tribal Blood Drive
(Must describe in comments)
25pts per Blood Drive Event
(25% tribe attendance req.; 50pts max per Year)
Build and enter a Cookoff Booth at the annual chili cookoff
1 booth per tribe.